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Always got time to plan ahead? We don’t.

Want a convenient yummy snack for less than 1gm net carbs? Yep we do!

We’ve been “doing keto” for a while now there are a few key things that are important to us – deliciousness and macros. Everyone should be able to eat awesome snacks that fit the proper keto macros. The real keto macros. And aren’t full of a bunch of weird ingredients.

Who wants a so-called “keto” brownie or cookie or cracker that kicks you out of ketosis after working so hard to get there? Not us. No way.

We were sick of crazy variations on nutrition labels and not knowing what numbers to trust. So we’ve chosen the best keto ingredients and worked with a nutritionist so we know the real net carb count. For sure. Remember? That’s one of the things that’s important to us – macros. Being able to trust the numbers.

You know how it is, you get it. We love keto but sometimes it’s hard. Not always. But sometimes. And it’s those times when we wanted something easy. Something for the car, your desk drawer, your bag, your cupboard…

  • SOY
  • EGGS

Don’t get me wrong, we don’t eat pre-packaged food all the time and we definitely don’t suggest you do. One of the great things about the keto lifestyle is all the delicious food you get to enjoy – no fake meal replacements, just awesome food.

We don’t always have time to count out nuts or bake delicious cookies every week, we have other more important stuff to do, like you know having fun, watching Netflix, going to the gym, scrolling through instagram…

What we wanted was a yummy, super convenient snack to be able to grab knowing you can eat the whole bag for less than 1gm net carbs. Yep, for real. They exist. Believe it. We’ve nailed it. The whole “fat-as” snack for less than 1gm net carbs.

Head straight over to the shop and get ready to snack!