Yes please.

Forget about old definitions of meals. We think with keto, anything goes. As long as the macros are good. Particularly with the onset of intermittent fasting and omad (one meal a day), patterns of eating often change quite a lot.

Typical breakfast foods like omelettes, pancakes, bacon and eggs,“chaffles” (keto waffles) can all work really well as meals for any time of day. Just as stir fries, taco bowls and the like can work for breakfast. If you feel like it. Not everyone is up for a curry at 7am.

Omelettes are one of my fave dinners and one of my favourite breakfasts is leftover fried chicken with buttered greens. See what I mean? Not your traditional starter of sugar filled cereal or carb heavy pasta at the end of the day.

Current omelette mix of choice:

spring onions (shallots)
3 eggs
baby spinach
cheese (lots of it!)
garlic salt
black pepper

I don’t always quite manage to flip them so sometimes they end up more of a scrambled omelette (scramlette) but still absolutely delicious.

Let me know what you favourite breakfast or dinner is.

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