In different parts of the world and to different people, the word “pancakes” means different things.

To me, pancakes mean sweet, thick and fluffy and crepes (French word) were super thin, so thin they’re rollable and can be savoury or sweet.

Remember that sweet tooth I mentioned a couple of posts ago? Well, surprise, surprise I prefer sweet pancakes and sweet crepes.
Next post I’ll talk about “pancakes”, this one is about “crepes”.
For crepes, I use the standard cream cheese keto pancake recipe. There are a few floating around and I think they are all basically the same but I use this version. The cooking of them is a little tricky but I think the simplicity of the ingredients and method make up for it. And of course the end result!

Keto Cream Cheese Crepes (the thin ones)
2 eggs
60 gm (2oz) cream cheese (remember check your labels people!)
2 tsp granulated erythritol
½ tsp cinnamon
Blend it all together until super well combined, then let it sit for a couple of minutes so the bubbles subside.
Pour ¼ of the mix into a buttered med hot pan, let it sit for 2 minutes, then VERY carefully turn it over for around another minute. Repeat three times to use up the remaining of the mixture.

Then comes the fun bit, what to have with it. I’m pretty carb conscious so I like to keep it basically carb free so I melt some (read lots of) butter, stir in some sweetener and cinnamon and drizzle, well, pour it over each pancake before stacking the next one, ending up with a pile of deliciousness. If I’m feeling extra fancy, I’ll add a scoop of icecream. I know some people like using sugar free syrups or whipped cream and berries. Basically whatever you like that fits with your macros.

And if you lean towards the savoury side, leave out the sweetener and the cinnamon from the mix and use the pancakes like wraps or pour an alfredo or carbonara type sauce over them.

Are you team thick or team thin?

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