KETO-BITES snacks are perfect for your bag, desk drawer, your backpack, your car and, of course, your cupboard. They’re ready to go. Grab one whenever you want, wherever you want, whether you’re at home or out and about.
You can eat the whole bag for less than 1gm net carbs. Or two bags for less than 2gm. Or three bags for less than 3…you get the idea.


Ahhh cookies….yes there are some keto cookies out there, but not like these. KETO-BITES cookies are crisp and crunchy and as a bonus, they’re mini (more than 10 cookies in a bag!) so you get to put more cookies in your mouth!
There are seven delicious flavours to choose from:
Why not try them all with our sampler pack?


No, not all nuts are keto friendly and we offer only the friendliest and fattest ones. It is pretty easy to overdo it on nuts… so we have put together four choices of perfectly portioned keto friendly nut packs each one with less than 1gm net carbs and of course, loads of fat.
Which is your favourite?