So, it seems people want to know why I choose keto.

Essentially it’s all about health.

I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes with my first child which led me to change my diet (temporarily) and we committed to doing no added sugar for our child (and subsequent two children). However as a confessed carbaholic and sugar addict, I of course reverted to my own bad habits.

Then, 7 years ago with three children under school age, I was diagnosed with epilepsy. It was a huge shock to everyone and has taken a fair bit of adjustment – mainly me not being able to drive (your licence gets suspended until seizures are under control).

Over the last number of years I have tried many, many different types of medications and alternative therapies. Some sort of worked for a while, some gave me horrible side effects – eg losing my vision, extreme nausea – and some didn’t work at all.

I have now found a cocktail of different drugs that have pretty much, but not quite stopped my seizures. However, basically my epilepsy is diagnosed as “medication resistant” so I still experience “pre-seizures” or auras which can lead me to lose sight temporarily, progress to a partial seizure or lead to a full blown seizure.
After having another full blown seizure (in the middle of Target), I decided to do some further research on less common treatments. This led me to what’s called the “ketogenic diet” or “keto”.

Years and years ago, the ketogenic diet was used to treat children with epilepsy with quite a bit of success. However with improvements in the effectiveness of medications and the difficulties in sustaining the ketogenic diet, it was no longer really discussed as a possible treatment for epilepsy.

My husband was already following keto and I decided I had nothing to lose (except bread, pasta, rice, potatoes etc) and everything to gain (my driver’s licence, no more seizures…).

So, here I am following the less than 20gm net carb a day ketogenic lifestyle, loving it and I have my licence back!

As a confessed carb addict, particularly sweet carbs (think cookies, brownies, cakes), this diet has been a serious adjustment, as they say a true lifestyle change.

I needed (wanted) to find alternatives for products like the ones I loved. There are some products available to buy out there but not a lot of “true” good low carb options. For example one brownie that has 8g carbs is not really great for someone who is only allowed 20g a day.

Thus, the creation of KETO-BITES! Finally we can all have awesomely delicious, real keto snacks.

Happy Snacking!

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  1. This is such a great story !! Please come tell it at our facebook group … keto queens unite … such an inspiration – Le xox

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