So, snacking. Some people say they don’t feel the need to snack when on keto because the fat fills them up. Others (like us at Keto-Bites) still enjoy snacks.

Sometimes you might not be super hungry and it can be a good idea to just have a drink of water, sometimes you might actually be hungry because your meals didn’t have enough fat and sometimes you might just feel like a snack. No judgement here, however it is easy to overdo them and it is important to choose the right type of snack.

If you’re a beginner, this is just a few ideas to get you thinking and if you’re not, it can still be helpful to get reminders about things you may have forgotten about.

First up:

Keto -Bites cookies (of course!)
They are single serve, are more than 50% fat which does help fill you up, less than 1gm net carb per pack and the ingredients list is short and clean. They are also mini so that you still get that “snacking feeling” – who doesn’t love eating 10 mini cookies instead of 1 big one?

Nuts are great but not all nuts are created equally and there are limits to how much you should eat (as per most foods). Our favourites are: Pecans (think caramalised as an idea!), Brazil nuts, Almonds, Walnuts, Hazelnuts and Macadamias. You can also use these to make nut butters (think Choc Hazelnut for example!).

Most cheeses are less than 1gm net carb per 25g serve so great to grab a cheese stick, a couple of slices or cubes or a smear – think cream cheese on cucumber.

Fat Bombs
These are small single serve homemade items that are a bit like an equivalent to keto bliss balls. Mainly sweet, some ideas are cookie dough, cheesecake, fudge… There are so many options, all you have to do is google keto fat bombs and you’re set.

Boiled eggs are a great option to have at the ready in the fridge or it is actually surprisingly quick to boil or scramble them when you need.

Meats – salami, jerky, pork crackle, ham
Not everyone is keen on processed meats so salami and kabana may not be your thing but there are lots of clean
pork crackle and jerky options and if it suits you, a slice of leg ham with a slice of cheese can be a great choice.

Fruits and Veg
You probably know that while fruit and vegetables are generally considered healthy, on keto we have to be aware of not just traditional versions of healthy and of serving size. Green capscicum, cucumber, little tomatoes are great quick veggie snacks. Fruit wise – I’d stick to berries: blackberries, raspberries and strawberries are the best but again, don’t eat the whole punnet.

This is another quick and easy option, you can make a protein shake with water or almond/coconut milk, or you could make a coffee (add syrup and ice to make it a fancy iced coffee if you want) and you can add a dash of mct oil for an extra boost.

There are lots of pre-made bar options on the market, but make sure you check the nutritional panel and ingredient list (i.e. stay away from maltitol). You can also make your own, as always there are a number of make at home options.

Keto Candies – gummies, marshmallows
We love having these in the fridge ready to just pop in your mouth for a no carb fix. Plus the marshmallows have all the benefits of gelatine as well so they’re actually good for you! 😉 You can check out our Instagram for some recipes. We generally make these as there are so few options on the market without maltitol (a no-no for us) but as keto becomes more popular, more and more products are appearing. Yay! 😊

Remember these are just a few ideas to get you going, the internet is a world of information but make sure to use that information wisely – check out my earlier entry about nutritional panels; I’ve been told it’s been a game changer for some.

Happy Snacking!

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