Some people believe following the keto lifestyle should result in losing your taste for sweet things. Some people do lose their sweet tooth and some don’t. And some, to be honest, just don’t want to. 😉

You can definitely still enjoy sweet things when you’re eating keto but you just have to make sure you make good choices.

Generally, as usual with keto food, you need to be super careful about buying processed keto food. Unfortunately there are products out there that claim to be keto-friendly but you might find yourself eating a ”keto” brownie that has 4gm net carbs. That can be up to a fifth or your daily carb allowance!

Making your own is always a good option and there are heaps of keto friendly recipes out there. Keep in mind some are “friendlier” than others and make sure you take your own macros into account.

For when you don’t want to bake, or don’t have ingredients, or you’re too tired and can’t be bothered, or don’t want to wait our KETO-BITES mini cookies have less than 1gm net carbs per bag and are a great quick sweet fix.
There are also loads of ways you can use them as a base and turn them into a more decadent creation. Combine with keto staples like whipped cream, cheesecake, chocolate mousse, icecream….
Dip! Sandwich! Crumble! Crush!

Image is of a cookies and cream cheesecake – a basic vanilla cheesecake with KETO-BITE mini dark chocolate cookies crumbled throughout the mix and then topped with more of the crushed mini dark chocolate cookies. Delicious!

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